RS525 Shrink Tunnel
RS525 Shrink Tunnel
  • Characteristics
  • Schneider ac contactor and high-power solid-state voltage regulation are perfectly combined with intelligent temperature control, so that the system temperature is more accurate and the service life is greatly extended.

    Solid roller conveyor belt with high temperature resistant silicone tube is adopted. It can bear large weight and is not easy to wear. (mesh conveyor belt is optional).

    High power air motor ensures strong enough wind force to achieve perfect packaging effect at one time.

    Blowing mode, from the bottom up, increase the wind force, contraction effect is stronger.


  • 1.Connect the feed line.

  • 2.Package small size products and add transport sealing device.



Max packing size


cConveyor speed


Supply voltage

AC220V/380V  12KW

Tunnel size


Machine size


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