Medium And Heavy Shelves CCP-TJ5055
Medium And Heavy Shelves CCP-TJ5055
Medium and heavy shelf assembly

1.Horizontal patch
2.Pillar substrate
3.Convex beam
4.Oblique compensation
5.High tension pillar
6.C-shaped steel grating
7.Convex beam connecting rod
8.Convex beam hanger
High tension pillar group

1. Nine-sided high-tension pillars are made of SPHC steel plate through stamping rollers.
2. The standard height (H) size is 2150•2450mm.
3. The width of the pillar group is divided into two types: 600D•900D
4. Special height dimensions can also be customized.
Cnvex Beam

1 The material is made of SPHC by precision bending welding, high load,Super heavy-duty, no deformation, no breakage.
2.The standard size of width (H) is 1500*1800*2100mm.
3.The standard size of the convex beam (H) is 80mm.
4.The load is 300-600Kg.
5.Special height dimensions can also be customized.
C-shaped steel grating

1. The material is made of SGCC hot-dip galvanized steel sheet 1.2t precision bending forming, high strength and load resistance.

C-shaped steel grating standard specification

W1*L1(MM)     Beam length

Pillar group

(7 slices/layer)

(8 slices/layer)

(10 slices/layer)









  • 1. Combination pillar group
  • 2. Hang the convex beam and insert the safety pin.
  • 3. Pave the steel grating and store things immediately, which is fast and convenient.
Medium and heavy-duty racks provide a design that is stronger than medium-weight racks and has more storage space per connection.

Features: 1. Can be matched with C-shaped steel grating, plywood or paint grating.

Kind of choice. 2 The space efficiency is about 35%-40%.
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