• How much is the temperature of the shrinking machine?

    According to different types of packaging film materials, the appropriate temperature is selected. In theory, the shrinkage temperature of PVC is about 130-160 degrees Celsius, and the heat shrinkable film of PE is about 140-170. POF heat shrinkable film is about 160-220 degrees.

  • How to choose the suitable L-type heat shrink packing machine?

    According to the size of the cutter, the general L-type packing machine can be divided into L500, L501, L502, L500S, and L502H. Therefore, it is necessary to set the model according to the customer's product size and packing speed. Product length + height + ½ height

  • What is the packing speed of the L-type packing machine?

    Generally, the normal speed is about 20-30 per minute, depending on the size of the product and the actual situation.

  • How is the width of the film used calculated?

    Formula: width + height + 1/2 height + side material (uniform 70mm) = total film width.
    How is the membrane weight calculated?
    Formula: total weight = width (converted to meters) * length (converted to meters) * density * thickness.

  • What kinds of film materials are commonly used in heat shrink packing machines?

    PE / PVC / POF POF film thickness is generally 12-30 microns, PE film thickness is generally 30-100 microns.

  • What is the working temperature of the sealing and cutting machine?

    The maximum temperature is 250 degrees, and the working temperature can be set at 180-220 degrees, depending on the thickness of the film and the material of the film.

  • What is the reason for the bad bottom shrinkage of product packaging by heat shrink packing machine?

    1.Insufficient wind, resulting in uneven heat at the bottom and poor shrinkage;
    2.The conveyor belt is mesh-type, and there will be traces at the bottom of the shrinkage;
    3.The shrink film material itself is a problem;
    4.The shrink seal is not good, or the shrink bag is cut too big

  • Does the heat shrink film machine have a large radiation?

    Without radiation that hurts people, it heats up by infrared, which it's okay.

  • What kind of heating is used in the shrink machine?

    Our company adopts stainless steel fins and electric heating tubes. Under the same power conditions, it has fast temperature rise, uniform heat generation, good heat dissipation performance, high thermal efficiency, long service life, and small heating device volume.

  • L-shaped sealing and cutting opportunities will not produce miscut products?

    Our L type has anti-miscutting function. When the cutter touches the product, it will automatically return to the position and give an alarm. It will not hurt the product.

  • Is there a thickness limit for the PE film using a pe shrink film packaging machine?

    PE film thickness is generally 0.03-0.1mm, which can be fully enclosed or semi-enclosed.

  • What to do if the packing machine has no electricity?

    Power is not connected.
    Power switch is not turned on.
    Power switch is burned.
    Fuse is blown.

  • How to adjust the printing position of heat shrink film packing machine?

    After shrinking, the bag will be deformed. Even the original surface on the film will be deformed due to heat shrinkage. Generally, shrinking and cooling are used to print.

  • Which kind product is suitable for heat shrink film packaging machine?

    Glass bottles, styrofoam, cartons, toys, electronics, appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, commemorative labels and other items; heat shrink film packaging machines and other Uses, for example, bottle neck plastic cap shrinking machine is mainly used for food wine, glass bottles, etc., pharmaceutical injection and medicine bottle shrinking, can effectively seal the bottle mouth, ensure product hygiene; automotive supplies shrinking machine is also suitable for hotels Industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

  • Wrinkles after shrinking POF thermal packaging?

    First, if the shrinkage temperature is not enough, increase the temperature; if the temperature is high enough, try to slow down the speed of the conveyor belt to allow the product to shrink in the tunnel for a longer time, which will improve the shrinkage effect, and the quality of the heat shrinkable film.

    Related, poor quality heat shrinkable film will affect the shrinkage effect. If the shrinkage ratio is small and the toughness is not enough, change the shrinkage film for a better reason or the machine is aging, or the machine used is an unqualified product. The temperature of the drying tunnel is uneven and the hot air flow rate is too small. In this case, it is recommended to replace the heat shrink packaging machine with a good quality.

  • How to maintain the heat shrink packing machine for longer lifetime?

    The repair and maintenance of heat shrink packing machine is very simple. As long as you pay attention, cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication and anticorrosion are the key points of heat shrink packaging machine maintenance. Read more about the equipment maintenance manual and maintenance regulations.

    If you strictly perform various maintenance tasks within the prescribed period, then the wear rate of parts must be reduced, the hidden trouble of failure is eliminated, and the service life of the heat shrink packing machine is extended.

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