Company Culture
Company Culture

Enterprise Mission

  • To provide intelligent packaging machine solutions for various industries!

Enterprise Goal

  • To be the No.1 supplier of packaging machine solutions!

Enterprise Spirit

  • Good character, good solution, good packaging!


  • Respecting the personal growth of employees, Qunchang has always insisted that employee growth and corporate growth are a community of destiny. In the process of overall growth, it attaches importance to employee growth and insists that only when employees grow, the company will grow!


  • Respect customers and achieve customers. In operation, Qunchang is guided by customer needs and always provides customers with suitable solutions and services.


  • Embrace change and be brave in innovation. As a group of intelligent manufacturing, we have been paying attention to the development and change of various industries. We are constantly innovating technically, using customer ROI as the driving force for innovation, and constantly polishing our automation models.

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