High Speed Carton Erector  CCP-K30T
High Speed Carton Erector CCP-K30T
  • Functions
Carton size:
20-25 ctns: L+W≤450+350 H+W/2≤500
25-40 ctns: L+W≤380+220 H+W/2≤400

Forming speed: 25-26ctns/min
Machine size: (L)2100 (W)1250 (H)1840mm
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz
Applicable pressure: 6kg.f/cm², 450nl/min
Power consumption: 0.75kw
Tape width: (W) 48/60/75mm (alternative use)
Machine weight: 1000kg

Mechanical configuration:
1.Motor: GPG (Made in Taiwan)
2.Cylinder/Solenoid valve: AirTAC
3.Frequency converter: Mitsubishi
4.Low voltage electrical appliance: Schneider
6.Touch screen: MCGS
7.Photoelectric switch: BANNER
8.Proximity switch: Shanghai Hugong
9.Mechanical color: Computer white
10. Suction cup: FESTO
Adopt man-machine interface control to display the action status and alarm function in real-time.

The opening speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. (inverter control)

Open the door security protection function, the door opens and mechanical pause and alarm, the indicator light flashes.

1.The tank does not have a carton automatic warning to remind the supplementary carton function, no tape alarm function.

2.The carton storage is horizontal, and the empty carton can be replenished at any time without stopping the machine, saving time and improving efficiency.

3.The structure design of this machine completes the packaging process of carton suction box, unpacking, forming, folding bottom and sealing bottom at one time.

4.The whole machine adopts cam continuous system and the machine runs accurately.

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